Monday, May 25, 2009

Strange day today (Monday the 25th);

I picked up 560 books from my printer and the ones I checked were fine. I/we then tore the covers off of 540 books from the first printing (disaster) and I took them with me (the covers). How very weird to do that to my books. As we tore away we would check random copies and yes; they all had the same problems. The printer will get 4 baht (about $.12 USD) per kilogram at the recycle center for the naked books.

While I'm satisfied with the final result; I won't use this printer again. There are two reasons for this; 1st, he expressed doubts about wanting to do a job for a farang (western white person) again because; 2nd, we want too high a quality of work. That just completely defies my sense of logic or reason. It's a matter of attitude; one which I don't like. Can you imagine Toyota/Honda/Ford telling a customer that 8 out of every 100 vehicles you buy from them will be defective and that's just the way it is? Mind boggling. The printer didn't even approach his own standard of 92%: his was a 100% failure to deliver quality. Okay, I'll stop beating a dead horse and move on. My real purpose here is information for you; the readers of this blog who dream of having your own book printed.

Now I have 560 books and no idea how to sell them (LOL). Well, now I'll have to learn marketing; let the adventure begin...

There is no place to rest...

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