Monday, January 14, 2013

Shock! The Illustrations are Back on Track...

Friday last, my illustrator Aek, contacted my wife to make an appointment to bring the remaining 12 paintings to our home. After recovering from my shock I said yes; he came at 4 the following Sunday.
Glory be! They were everything I had hoped for (and given up on) and more.
Just as his quitting was out of the blue; so was this phone call of his renewed efforts to finish his job.
Now, they're not 100% finished; however they are about 80% (all) and I gave the final approval for the finishing details as we had discussed. Aek indicated everything would be done by the end of this month.

I have considered deleting my previous post, but have thought the better of that; this blog is about writing, editing, printing, and publishing from beginning to end with all its joys, disappointments, failures, and mistakes; the entire process unvarnished; exposed for all to see.
So it will stay.
There are some lessons here and not wanting to push the river; I'll let those gems of life soak in over the next few months.

May your coming new year be as positive as mine. Cheers.

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