Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy New Year

Or as we say in Thailand; Sawad Di Pe Mai.

Phra Jan's editing is going swimmingly and nearly there. My editor is a true taskmaster.
My new found publisher is very interested in seeing this in print.

My first book: When Elephants Walked Backwards is undergoing a complete revision and rewrite.
Upon revisiting this book with a more experienced and critical eye, I was appalled at my poor writing.
Like most things revisited after a long hiatus, one sees things differently, and my writing didn't stand the test of time well.
The story is good (IMO) and that will not change; but the craft will hopefully show marked improvement.
This rewrite is a result of the excellence of my editor, from whom I've learned a very big lesson about crafting a story. So I had the tools to look back and see with far more clarity.
Happy trails and keep the quill at the ready.

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