Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blindly Going Where no Human...

...has ventured before. Hello, I'm attempting to publish my two books and having never had a website, YouTube video, or Blog before: This is proving quite an adventure. Within the space of 30 days I now have all three. The story is based on a Thai idiom for a successful marriage. The idiom likens the front legs of the Elephant as the Husband and the back legs are the Wife (of course; it's a cultural thing). My perverse sense of humor lept to what I hope you find to be a humorous story about legs gone absurdly wrong.
If you didn't get here through my website link, please visit it to see Chapter I of "When Elephants Walked Backwards" and an example of the illustrations (there will be 9 including the cover. There you will also find a link to my YouTube videos of me reading Chapter I. This is helpful to know the flavor of the story.

A link to my web site is in the upper right corner of this page.

I'm hoping for your comments/feedback and opinions; please feel free to post.

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  1. Being a wanna be writer myself i have only the utmost admiration for anyone who can sit down and try and publish his own book without some big publisher trying to tell you what you are doing is impossible without there help. Go for it thats what i say. Power to the people

  2. Thanks for the kind words Colin. I'll be posting the process step by step.