Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Phra Jan Will be an A4, Hardcover, Coffee Table Book...

Almost there; many edits by three different people and many revisions. I'm being especially diligent and detail oriented; far more than with When Elephants Walked Backwards.

It cannot be over emphasized how important editing is, and choosing carefully who is to be that editor. I am very fortunate that my wife is an English language scholar, whose knowledge of grammar is vast.

Publishing/marketing is my personal weak point (I couldn't sell air in a vacuum), so that's the next challenge. My wife was able to market 99% of my first book's printing, some of which were bought by tourists at museums.

I will have Phra Jan printed in A4, hardback, for the 1st edition. There are 18 A4 size, full color illustrations and cover in the Himmapan Forest style by the artist, Rewat Yutto (nick name Aek). As most know, coffee table quality is expensive, even here. While half the cost of having it done stateside, it's still an expensive investment.

Since everything is in place, it appears I'll print the first 500 copies in 2014, possibly January. Five hundred is not an arbitrary number. I wanted fewer, but the costs go up steeply with any less. The net difference would only amount to a few hundred dollars (about 15%). Which translates to 300 more copies.

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