Saturday, February 28, 2009

As the worm turns... book cover isn't ready yet. As you may recall; it wasn't quite long enough because the spine width wasn't correctly compensated for; thus a new drawing. My illustrator couldn't correct it because all of the colors are custom and at the moment: She couldn't match the colors. This is not criticism of her abilities; it's just a running, continuing commentary on the vagaries of self-publishing the first book. The learning "curve" is presently vertical with no sign of a radius anywhere to be seen. LOL. Oh, and did I mention the editing? After 10 reads and subsequent rewrites; my wife and editor found scads of errors, LOL again. Then I found a slew of wrongly capitalized words. Thank god I have hair too short to pull. LOL, yet again. And so it goes. I'll have no problem with a very few minor mistakes; that won't affect style or substance and for the few perfectionists out there; lighten up, as life's too short.
There is no place to rest...


  1. Just in case you don't have enough to annoy you, be prepared to discover unnecessary hyphens after the book is printed.

    Michael N. Marcus

  2. Michael, hyphens? Hm, I don't use hyphens normally; care to expand on that a bit?