Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The last edit...Not!

...Today I spent 4 hours at the printers correcting the errors discovered by my wife (my editor), so the book will be error free. My illustrator (whose English is excellent) is the one who corrected the Adobe files at the printers. Now, their (the printers) files are the same as my edited files; theoretically error free. Are they really error free; probably 99%: I can live with 1%; can you? I would simply add that I'm astounded by the subtle and not so subtle errors discovered after 10 readings by me (the author) and discovered by my wife. It's a real lesson in humility and trusting somebody else to proof your writings. That's the real lesson here; let somebody else (you trust) edit your story. LOL, there's no other choice.

There is no place to rest...

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