Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today I recieved my ISBN Number

The National Library of Thailand issues the ISBN numbers. There is no charge. It's really amazing how quickly I was issued a number; less than 2 hrs. I screwed up and put the year I wrote the book, instead of the year of publication. Of course the form is mostly in Thai, LOL. Even with questions and answers and corrections; the process was less than 2 hrs. All via e-mail, I might add. Anyway, now I know. My book is now catalogued in the NLT. 
On Saturday the 17th, I'll take the manuscript for my book into the printer, so they can do the layout. 
My illustrator is redoing two illustrations (we both agreed on the need) and she will also finish the illustration for the last chapter.
I've also added chapter I of my other book "Phra Jan" to my website. I'll post a video on YouTube of me reading chapter I. Phra Jan will be the next book I'll be publishing. More about that later; for now my focus is on "When Elephants Walked Backwards".

And so it continues; there is no place to rest.

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