Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bar codes; mystery solved...

...My printer told me they didn't do bar codes, they said the Thai National Library supplied bar codes. I emailed the TNL and they don't supply bar codes, only ISBN's; the printer supplies the bar code. So, back to the printer; oh, yes they do, they misunderstood; no problem. So, I'll get a bar code. The learning curve is starting to actually begin to curve, finally breaking its vertical ascent. The view (so to speak) from up here is grand. Hopefully it just gets better...

My true love, Phra Jan, will follow soon. Let the editing begin.

No place to rest...


  1. Hi again,

    that's interesting. 'Curiouser and curiouser' said Alice! You mean you can get ISBN numbers here in Thailand? You mentioned that The Thai National Library supplies them. Is that to publishers or to writers direct do you happen to know?


  2. Yes, I got the ISBN number myself. They require 2 copies of my book for the library archive. It takes but a couple of hours via email.