Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not quite stalled, but...

...not going forward on the elephant book. My wife's Ajarn 3 (teacher-3) project is due the 31st; so 100% is going towards that. I help where I can. So, the book fair in BKK is history. I'm hoping to tell the printer to print on Saturday the 4th (Feb), but that may be too optimistic, LOL.

In the meantime I've started another book (my first non-fiction) and did one complete edit of Phra Jan. I hope to have Phra Jan printed in June. But, until my wife gives it the final okay, no deal, the same as with my elephant book. This has been a much longer process than I expected; partially my inexperience coupled with doing everything myself for the first time. The next book will go much smoother because I'll know what to expect.

Keep on truckin; there is no place to rest...

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