Saturday, March 7, 2009

She who must be obeyed... wife is merciless; no, fierce, when it comes to editing. She insisted that we have the last corrected copy (today) printed out as a book (by the printer) to make sure. They will mail the copy to her on Monday (including the cover art/back cover w/bar code). I couldn't believe how many mistakes she found after two previous edits. Incredible! It never ends...alas, but it must. So the only question is; how many mistakes are acceptable? My answer is; damn few. Thank god for my editor! I know she's right; but I want my book for the Bangkok Book Fair on March 26th. The looming question is; will I have it? I don't know for sure; for she who must be obeyed will have the final word, as it must be.

There is no place to rest, no more, forever (forgive me Chief Joseph).

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